Institutional Round - Admissions to UG and PG Course

Notification of Closure of Admission Procedure-2021-2022
Selection of Candidates-UG-IX
Selection of Candidates-PG-IX
Selection of Candidates-UG-VIII
Selection of Candidates-PG-VIII
Selection of Candidates-UG-VII
Selection of Candidates-PG-VII
Selection of Candidates-UG-VI
Selection of Candidates-PG-VI
Selection of Candidates-UG-V
Selection of Candidates-PG-V
Selection of Candidates-PG-IV
Selection of Candidates-UG-IV
Selection of Candidates-PG-III
Selection of Candidates-UG-III
Selection of Candidates-UG-II
Selection of Candidates-PG-II
Selection of Candidates-UG-BALLB (Hons.)
Selection of Candidates-PG-LLM
Notification of Vacant Seat-I Dt.23-08-2021
Addendum to Notification of Vacant Seat-I
Undertaking format-LLM
Fee Structure and Bank Details-2021-2022
List of documents-PG
List of documents-UG
Help Desk-Contact persons
Admission Committee-2021 (CLAT-2021)
Refund Policy

CLAT Round - Admissions to U.G. and P. G. Course

Admission Notification-5-CLAT Round-5_2021-2022
Refund Policy
Admission Notification-4-CLAT Round 2021-2022
Admission Notification-3-CLAT Round
Admission Notification-2-CLAT Round
Admission Notification-1-CLAT Round
List of documents-PG
List of documents-UG
Fee Structure for LL.M. Batch 2021-2022
Fee Structure for B.A LL.B. (Hons.) Batch 2021-2022
Bank Account details for payment of Admission Fee
CLAT - 2021 Brochure
Admission Committee-2021 (CLAT-2021)
Help Desk for U.G. and P.G. Programme

Admissions to Ph. D. and LL.D.

Advertisement for Ph.D. and LL.D.
LL.D. Notification-Corrigendum
LL.D. Notification 2021
Link for Registration LL.D. Programme
Phase-II MNLUA Ph.D. 2021-Notification
Result of Ph.D.Entrance Test, 2021
Ph.D. Notification 2021
Link for Registration - Ph.D. Entrance Exam.
Help Desk for Ph.D. and LL.D. Programme

Admissions 2020

Notice of Closure of Admission Process for the Academic Year 2020-2021
Notification of Selection of Candidates-PG-I
Notification of Selection of Candidates-UG-X
Notification of Selection of Candidates-UG-IX
Notification of Vacant Seat-PG-II
Notification of Selection of Candidates-UG-VIII
Notification of Selection of Candidates-PG-VII
Notification of Selection of Candidates-UG-VII
Notification of Filling up of Vacant Seat B.A.LL.B. (Hons) under SC category (MH)
Notification of Selection of Candidates-UG-VI
Notification of Selection of Candidates-PG-V
Notification of Vacant Seat-II-UG
Notification of Selection of Candidates-PG-V
Notification of Selection of Candidates-UG-V
Notification of Selection of Candidates-UG-IV
Notification of Selection of Candidates-PG-IV
Notification of Selection of Candidates-PG-III
Notification of Selection of Candidates-UG-III
Notification of Selection of Candidates-UG-Corrigendum
Notification of Selection of Candiates-PG
Notificaton of Selected Candidates and Vacant Seat-II-UG-Corrigendum
Selection of Candidates Against Vacant Seat Notification-I (Corrigendum)
Admission Fee Notice B.A LL.B. (Hons)
Admission Fee Notice LLM
Notifiction of Vacant Seats-I
List of documents for UG
List of documents for PG
Bank Account details for payment of fee
Notification on Refund Policy Student Fees
CLAT - 2020 Counselling Process
Admission Committee 2020-2021